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  • ​​Companionship 
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Our business is your Success/ Nursing/ Health-care.

We promote Education, Nursing Practices, &  Career.

Certified Personal Support workers

Why Start Your Career with SNH Nursing?

  • The Personal Support Worker Training is                  Affordable
  • We educate and help PSWs find work! 
  • We prepare PSWs for a successful career! 
  • We treat our PSWs with respect!

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Our Team comprises qualified, compassionate
health-care professionals with a wealth of
knowledge to improve the professional
development of our Personal Support Worker Students.

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Your Private Career College!

Private Career College: Personal Support Worker Training will improve Your Career; Help You Find Jobs. We Provide First Aid/CPR Certification &

Help Qualify you for your Tuition Fees.

We help our Personal Support Workers Find Work!   We help Qualify Our Personal Support Workers for their Tuition Fees. 

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